Educational Plan for Student Success-EPSS

Introduction and Purpose

The Educational Plan for Student Success (EPSS) is along-range strategic plan each district is required to develop, implement, assess, and evaluate. The purpose of the EPSS is to promote student academic achievement and continuous school improvement (6NMAC3.2.9.1).

Development of the EPSS will allow schools to:

·        Move from periodic data review to trend analysis and meaningful interpretation of data.

·        Focus on academic achievement for all students.

·        Shift from an annual review of the EPSS to an ongoing evaluation of strategies.

·        Provide information to the school community.

·        Provide a planning tool for school improvement.

·        Utilize the resources within the community to identify and address the diverse needs of all students.

·        Identify and align quality programs and services.

The EPSS plan includes the following four key focus areas for schools:

Goal - A specific, measurable target for students to achieve.  The goals state: Who will do What by When and How you will know it. Some goals may be pre-assigned by the State. School administrators may also create their own, local goals, or may select goals from the PED templates and re-write the description to reflect local achievement targets.

Strategy- A general description of a process a school will take to reach the student achievement goal. Each goal may have several strategies. What will the school do to ensure that the goal is reached?

Action StepAspecific action or activity that will lead to the implementation of the strategy and achievement of the goal. Each strategy may have several action steps.

TaskA specific action/activity that leads to the completion of an action step. Tasks have specific due dates, persons responsible and current status. Each action step may have multiple tasks.

EPSS plans are revised throughout the year.  Below is a link to the most recent EPSS plan for the District, High School, Middle School, and Elementary.

Dexter District EPSS
Dexter High School EPSS
Dexter Middle School EPSS
Dexter Elementary School EPSS

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